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The editorial team warmly welcome Mrs. Professor Lena Dominelli, and Mr. Professor Malcolm Payne, two prominent internationally social work personalities who have kindly accepted to be part of our journal’s International Advisory Board starting with issue no. 1/2010.
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Current number: 3/2018

Sorina Dumitrache, Mirela Anghel

Numărul curent al Revistei de Asistenţă Socială (3/2018) este dedicat temei „Cum facem faţă traumei, pierderii şi durerii” şi s-a realizat......[Abstract]
Sorina Dumitrache, Mirela Anghel

The current Social Work Review number (3/2018) is dedicated to the theme of “How to deal with trauma, loss and bereavement” and it was accomplis......[Abstract]
Arve Lerum
Emergency Out-Of-Home Placements, a Comparison Between Child Welfare Practice in Germany and Norway

Participation of children and parents in child welfare matters is a complex area. Emergency out of home placements bring this theme to the fore. In th......[Abstract]
Andrea Rácz
Alternative Care of Children without Family in Hungary

This study examines the current Hungarian child protection system and its future challenges, also presenting the most important qualitative results of......[Abstract]
Maria Roth, Imola Antal, Éva László, Agnes Dávid-Kacsó, Anca Mureşan
Violence and Trauma in the Romanian Residential Child Protection

The times when the world discovered the images of horrific Romanian residential institutions for children and adults with disabilities belong to the p......[Abstract]
Oana Mara Stan
"Repro-preneurs": Surrogate Mothers as Vulnerable Group: Discursive Legitimation and Rationalization Practices across Media and Forums

The study analyses surrogacy arrangements in Romania and the UK, in the light of media echoes and legislative change. There is a lack of statistical d......[Abstract]
Gabriel Pricină
Transferring Aggression from Family to Social Life

The personal development of young people is influenced by a number of factors that have been manifested since the primary socialization period. The pa......[Abstract]
Aurel Bahnaru, Patricia Luciana Runcan
Violenţa în familie: Încercare de redefinire [Family Violence: Definition Revisited]

Alcoholism, disappearance of love, infidelity and violence are among the most important reasons for divorce in contemporary Romania. If the first thre......[Abstract]
Adrian Nicolae Dan, Oana Banu
Aspecte privind violența împotriva femeilor în familiile de romi [Aspects of Violence Against Women in Roma Families]]

The article addressed the topic of violence against women in Romania. Violence against women is a matter of intense debate over the last two decades, ......[Abstract]
Ana-Maria Dumitrescu
Personal and Community Resources for the Victims of Domestic Violence

Beyond the emotional and social implications of domestic violence on victims, personal and community resources occupy a central place in the analysis ......[Abstract]
Mioara Paraschiv
Review al literaturii de specialitate privind programele destinate agresorilor sexuali şi al teoriilor ce au stat la baza realizării acestora [Review of the Speciality Literature on the Programs Intended for Sexual Offenders and the Theories that Underlie their Implementation]

The revision of the speciality literature was aimed at identifying programs intended for sexual offenders, that were done up to this moment, and the t......[Abstract]
Alina Breaz, Edgar Demeter
Adaptability of the Elderly, Within the Residential Center of the City of Arad

he way elderly people adapt in residential centers can play an important role in understanding their well being. Therefore, the present study shows th......[Abstract]
Alina Simona Hoară
A Realistic Vision of the Practical and Social Needs of People with Terminal Diseases

Social services appeared as a necessity in helping the vulnerable groups that formed as a result of the social changes they could not be handled. Beca......[Abstract]
Loreni Baciu , Delia Vîrgă
The prevalence of Secondary Traumatic Stress among Romanian Social Workers: a Replication Study

In the current article, we present the results of an investigation aimed at assessing the prevalence of Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) in a sample o......[Abstract]