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The editorial team warmly welcome Mrs. Professor Lena Dominelli, and Mr. Professor Malcolm Payne, two prominent internationally social work personalities who have kindly accepted to be part of our journal’s International Advisory Board starting with issue no. 1/2010.
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Current number: 2/2022

Sorina Dumitrache

The current issue of the Social Work Review (2/ 2022) is dedicated to the role ofart, emotions, and personal development in social work. As was hi......[Abstract]
Areeb Habib Khan
Tough Times and the Professional Social Work Practice: Hits and Misses

The Covid-19 pandemic has had the entire world grappling with challenges all of a sudden. The UN Secretary-General calls this viral spread the biggest......[Abstract]
Sonya Budeva
Opportunities and Problems Facing Online Social Work in a Pandemic

The paper examines the pros and cons of online social work. Possibilities and alternatives for remote social work with clients are discussed. Some of ......[Abstract]
Răducu Răzvan Dobre
Challenges of the Probation System in a Pandemic Context

As is well known, the field of social assistance is extremely wide. At first glance, the idea of support is predominant. However, one of the exception......[Abstract]
Alexandra Mitroi
„Pandemia i-a făcut mai vulnerabili pe cei deja vulnerabili”. Reflecţii despre intervenţia psihoterapeutică cu victimele traficului de persoane în vreme de pandemie [„The Pandemic has Rendered more Vulnerable those who were Already Vulnerable”. Reflections on the Psychotherapeutic Intervention with Victims of Human Trafficking in the Time of the Pandemic]

The article looks into the changes brought in 2020 by the Covid 19 pandemic and consequent restrictive measures into the existences of Romanian human ......[Abstract]
Johanna-Selay Lamers
Empathy & Healthy Distance to Prevent Traumatic Experiences in the Social Work Field

Empathy – the ability to put oneself in the emotional and mental world of other people – is one of the core prerequisites for social work. As imp......[Abstract]
Rebeca Cojocaru
Art Therapy. The Relationship between Art Therapy and Social Work in Romania

This study was designed to explore whether there is a possibility of using art as a strategy to social change and see the alliance of art therapists i......[Abstract]
Elisa Matutini
Promoting the Wellbeing of People Living in Poverty (and Social Workers) through Environmental Social Work Reflections Based on an Italian Case Study

In the social work literature, as well as in social work practices, great attention is paid to the role of the environment in defining models and int......[Abstract]
Corina Şandru
Perspectiva practicienilor asupra beneficiilor şi limitelor integrării tehnicilor minte-corp în procesul psihoterapeutic de susţinere a persoanelor cu traume, pierderi, suferinţe [A Practitioner Perspective on the Benefits and Limitations of Using Mind-Body Techniques in the Psychotherapeutic Process with Persons Experiencing Trauma, Loss, Suffering]

In the last years the integrative view of the mind-body inter-relationship has gained more visibility both in research and in practice and also a more......[Abstract]
Adriana Lavinia Bulumac
Assuming Group Identity of Alcoholics within Anonymous Alcoholics Support Groups: A Literature Review

This literature review addresses the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) community as a way of recovering from alcoholism by means of AA affiliation, assumption......[Abstract]
Cristina Vasile
Trauma vicariantă la asistenţii sociali. Impactul asistării persoanelor cu traume, pierderi şi suferinţe [Vicarious Trauma in Social Workers. The Impact of Assisting People with Trauma, Loss and Suffering]

The topic of the article is an important one for the field of social work, because the social worker is one of the specialists who may be affected by ......[Abstract]